Replacement Certification Cards

The American Heart Association has set a $15 fee for replacement cards in the event that it is lost, damaged, or otherwise misplaced. This fee applies to all classes and certifications. We will make every effort to get you a replacement card as soon as possible. Before continuing, please:

  1. Ensure that you took your CPR class with us, Phase1CPR. We get many requests for card reprints from people that actually took their class elsewhere. We can only provide a replacement card to our students.
  2. Ensure that you definitely need a new card. In most cases, a photocopy of the original is fine. Your employer or school should have made a copy of the card to keep on file and should be able to provide you a copy.
  3. Have the following information ready: your name (as it was printed on the original card), the date of your course, and which course you took (BLS for Healthcare Providers, HeartSaver AED, etc.). You should be able to search through your email to find the date and course name.
Once you've ensured all this, fill out the form and pay the $15 fee online below. Once payment is complete, we will contact you via email with further information.

Note: As of January 1st, 2013, the American Heart Association has increased the replacement card fee from $10 to $15.

$15 Replacement Card Fee
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