CPR Supplies
CPR Pocket Masks

  • Provides an effective barrier between the victim and rescuer during CPR and rescue breathing.
  • Great to keep in your first aid kit, car, handbag, or backpack!
Adult only model
  • One-way valve for added protection against disease
  • Collapses to smaller size for easy storage and carrying
  • In class price: $10
  • $12 + shipping
Adult/Pediatric model
  • Contains 2 masks: adult and pediatric/infant
  • Convenient soft nylon orangee carrying case with belt loop
  • Includes gloves and antiseptic wipe
  • In class price: $12
  • $15 + shipping

Bag-Valve Masks
Essential for Healthcare setting CPR and rescue breathing
  • 3 Sizes: Adult, Pediatric, Infant
  • Can be used with or without supplementary oxygen
  • Includes mask, oxygen reservoir, and supply tube
  • Single patient use

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